TAD Training Central

TAD Training Central

Welcome to the home of all things training at TAD. You will find directions for participating, what is being offered, and what will be coming in the future.

Tech Tuesday

All Tech Tuesdays will always be free and are held on the second Tuesday of the month. Check the calendar below for topics. You can join the conference call by dialing (712) 775-7031 and entering the code 192-638-683 when requested. There is no fee associated with the call but your local phone service may charge you for calling a long distance number (check your calling plan for prices). Membership in TAD is not required. Please send requests for what you would like to see on Tech Tuesday to: nfbktad@gmail.com

We are changing the format of Tech Tuesdays a little. It will still be free and still be a demonstration with Q & A. However, there will not be an a scheduled step-by-step training planned for every demo. Instead, we will determine the need and specifics of a training session based on feedback from those attending the demo.

Current Classes

The following is a list of current classes. To see a list of past classes and any resources still available (link coming after January 2015).

Tech Tuesdays will take a summer break during June and July, please continue to email your requests for classes and we will see you again in August.

NLS iBill February 26, 2015
Learn how to use all the options on the new iBill that NLS is destributing to patrons.
Free (please note there will be no sign-ups for this class)
If you missed this training, you can here a streaming demo at:
stream the demo here


June 2015 Events

  • 9 Tech Tuesday 8:00 pm EST--summer break

July 2015 Events

  • 14 Tech Tuesday 8:00 pm EST--summer break

August 2015 Events

  • 11 Tech Tuesday 8:00 pm EST--back to school

September 2015 Events

  • 8 Tech Tuesday 8:00 pm EST--

October 2015 Events

  • 13 Tech Tuesday 8:00 pm EST--

November 2015 Events

  • 10 Tech Tuesday 8:00 pm EST--

December 2015 Events

  • 8 Tech Tuesday 8:00 pm EST--